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Jan 15, 2017

Nifty Next Week Trend 16 To 20 January 2017 [Video]

In this article, you will find Nifty next week trend or how to trade in Nifty futures for next week.
How To Trade In Nifty 16 To 20 January

Last week Nifty made a low of 8241 on 9th January 2017 and high of 8457 on 13th January 2017 which was on last Friday.

So overall there were 216 points movements from low to high.

But the buy entry levels as I discussed in my previous video was at 8308 levels so when Nifty crossed this on the last Wednesday with a gap up opening without a chance to take a position at 8308 levels also it made low of 8327 on the same day.

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As you can see in above image I have added the text for last four Friday day closing candles where you can see that Nifty started its bullish trend on 23rd December 2016 and made recent high of 8457.

Nifty closed at 8400 (Spot) on Friday as you can see this at 13th January 2017 red day candle so I am anticipating that the change in trend for next week.

Below is my video on Nifty next week trend for 16 to 20 January 2017 you can know how global indices performed on 13 January 2017 with global high impact calendar events for next 

Nifty Option Chain – My Observation

Open Interest has increased by 4.45 lakhs for 8400PE and 8400CE by 2.49 lakhs on last Friday.
Change of open interest for 8450CE is up by 87k and one lakh for 8350PE.

FII and DII trading activity on 13th Jan 2017

Buy Value
Sell Value
Net Value
(Source & Credits:

We can see from above table that Foreign Institutional Investors and Domestic Institutional Investors net holding for 13th Jan is negative so we shall see the reaction on next week on their net value.

How To Trade In Nifty Future (January 2017) Contract

Buy Entry  Level: 8459 Targets - 8483, 8503, 8522

Sell Entry Level: 8380 Targets - 8356, 8336, 8317

If Nifty touches 8459 in next week then 8380 will act as its stop loss for bullish trend, also if markets touch 8380 then 8459 will be its stop loss for a bearish trend.

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