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Feb 24, 2017

How To Trade In Nifty - Indian Stock Market 2017 (Video)

This article intends to help all those looking for how to trade in nifty in Indian stock market, with weekly trend analysis.

To help you know how Nifty futures, Bank Nifty Futures, Stock Futures performed.

(Updating on my weekly levels provided on paid services know more...)

Nifty Weekly Trend Analysis For 27 Feb - 3 March 2017

Last Week I had provided the levels for Nifty Future March Contract were

Buy Entry Level - 8990 with targets starting from 9011, 9028 and final targets till 9134.

Sell Entry Level – 8922 with targets starting from 8901, 8884 and final targets till 8779

How Nifty Future Performed?

Nifty Historical Data 27 Feb to 3 March 2017
Source & Credits:
As you can see in above image Nifty opened at 8939 on Monday that is 27 Feb 2017.

Made high at 8957, low at 8909 and on 28 Feb 2017, it made high at 8938 which low to previous day’s high at 8957.

But made low at 8884 which was the second target on the sell entry levels holding the short entry on Monday trader gained approximately 7 points (8922 – 8915 day’s close = 7 points x 75 = Rs.525.00)

On Tuesday Nifty’s trend changed from bearish to bullish but if you can observe from above image Nifty future made low till 8884.15

So as provided in the sell entry levels by exit at least on the first target of 8901 the trader could have made 14 points (8915 previous day’s close – 8901 first target on sell entry level of 8901 = 14 points x 75 = Rs.1050.00)

So from the sell entry side, the trader could have made profit of Rs.525 + Rs.1050 = Rs.1575.00

On 1st March Nifty made day’s high 8994 which is just 2 points above buy entry level and closed at 
8976 so day’s loss was -14 points (Rs.1050.00)

On 2nd March Nifty made high at 9018 which is just 7 points above the first target provided on the buy entry side that is 9011.

So total profit on buy entry side on 2nd March was 8976 previous close – 9011 = 35 points when we calculate into lot size of 75 then profit was Rs.2625.00

So total profit on buy and sell entry level with including loss was approximate Rs.3150.00 

How Bank Nifty Future Performed?

Bank Nifty Historical Data 27 Feb To 3 March 2017
Source & Credits:
Levels provided for Bank Nifty weekly levels were:

Buy Entry Level – 20959 with targets 21018, 21066 and final targets till 21366.

Sell Entry Level – 20766 with targets 20707, 20659 and final targets till 20359.
On 27 Feb Bank Nifty opened at 20863 made high at 20879, low at 20666 closed at 20682.

So if the trader had initiated short on Bank Nifty Future at 20766 then on the first day.

His gain could be 20766 – 20682 day’s close = 84 points x 40 lot size = Rs.3360.00 first days profit.

On 28 Feb Bank Nifty closed at 20681.45 which is an exit point for short trade initiated on 27 Feb 2017.

On 2nd March Bank Nifty made high at 20957 that is highlighted in green colour but there was no opportunity for the buy entry since confirmation level was at on the bullish 20959.

So by initiating the short trade, a trader could have made a profit of Rs.3360.00.

(The above calculation is excluding brokerage and statutory taxes.)

Nifty Weekly Trend Analysis For 20 - 23 Feb 2017

Hope you have seen above video where I have shown the levels provided for last week and how targets were achieved.

So the levels that I had provided for Nifty Weekly Levels were:

Buy Entry Level - 8863.20 with targets starting from 8885.65, 8903.80 and final targets till 9016.

Sell Entry Level - 8790.80 with targets starting from 8768.35, 8750 and final targets till 8637.20

How Nifty Future Performed?

On 20 Feb Nifty opened at 8828 with days high at 8881.30 days low at 8810 and days close at 8873.

So in the first trading day of this week, Nifty tried to cross the first target at 8885.65 and made its low at 8810.

(Just to inform you that if you have to cross verify above levels from then you have to try with historical data since Feb contract closed yesterday.)

From 21 to 23 Feb 2017 Nifty made its high at 8982, low at 8858 and finally closed at 8942 levels on yesterday which is 23 Feb 2017.

So by taking a long position on above levels provided for last week, the trader could have made a profit of Rs.8925.00 let me break this calculation as below.

Buy entry level 8863 - Nifty Weekly High 8982 = 119 points x 75 lot size = Rs.8925.00 profit.

So you can observe that Nifty did not touch the stop loss 8790 and made low at 8810 on 20 Feb 2017.

How Bank Nifty Future Performed?

So the levels that I had provided for Nifty Weekly Levels were:

Buy Entry Level - 20625 with targets starting from 20688.50, 20739.80 and final targets till 21059.

Sell Entry Level - 20419 with targets starting from 20356.30, 20305.30 and final targets till 19985.10

On 20 Feb Bank Nifty opened at 20498 and made high at 20689 closed at 20656.

In the first day of trading week Bank Nifty entered the buy level at 20625 and touched the first target of 20688.50.

From 21 to 23 Feb Bank Nifty made high of 21024, low at 20595 and finally closed at 20893 on 23 Feb 2017 (yesterday).

Going by long position from above levels traders could have easily made a profit of Rs.15960.00, I will give breakup for the profit as below.

Buy entry level 20625 - Bank Nifty Weekly high 21024 = 399 points x 40 lot size = Rs.15960.00

Apart from Nifty and Bank Nifty, I had suggested TCS Stock Future for last week on my paid service.

TCS Future February 2017 Contract

I had anticipated the weekly movement of 104 points on this stock and weekly levels that I had provided for TCS Stock Future were:

Buy Entry Level - 2439.50 with targets starting from 2454.70, 2467.10 and final targets till 2544.00

Sell Entry Level - 2390.20 with targets starting from 2374.90, 2362.60 and final targets till 2285.70.

On 20 Feb TCS Stock Future opened at 2422 made high at 2544, low at 2322 and finally closed at 2497.80

So if trader would have taken short position at 2390.20 and booked profit at 2322 which was the fifth target on the levels that I had provided on my paid services then he could have made profit of 68 points and gain of Rs.17000.00

From 21 to 23 Feb TCS Stock Future made high at 2518, low at 2405 and finally closed at 2482.10

Going by the long position from the above levels traders could have made a profit of Rs.19625.00, breakup as below.

Buy Entry levels 2439.50 - TCS Stock Future weekly high 2518 = 78.50 points x 250 lot size = Rs.19625.00

So considering the profit from short position Rs.17000 + profit from long position 19625 = 36625.00

Even though market traded only for four days with the above-given levels and techniques the traders could have easily made profit of Rs.50,000.00

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