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Feb 17, 2017

Nifty Weekly Trend Analysis - Next Week Trend Targets And Updates

Nifty Trend Next Week - 10 To 14 April 2017

I have anticipated 136 points movement for Nifty Future in next week.

I have provided entry, targets and stop loss to trade for next week to my paid service subscribers which will be sent by end of today.(Check details here to SUBSCRIBE)

Nifty Trend Next Week
So let us try to understand how Nifty performed last week.

Nifty last week
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From the above image, we can see that Nifty made high on 5th of April at 9294.85 and low on 9200.40 on 7th April which was Friday.

So there were total 94 points for traders to gain from last week

So it would have been easy for you if you knew the entry level, targets and stop loss to trade in last week.

Bank Nifty Next Week - 10 To 14 April 2017

Bank Nifty Future Prediction
I have anticipated 363 points movement in Bank Nifty for next week.

So entry, targets and stop loss will be provided for paid service members by end of today.

Let us see how Bank Nifty performed for last week.
Bank Nifty April Future

From the above image we can see that Bank Nifty made high of 21,729 on 5th April 2017.

Made low of 21,411 on 7th April 2017 so opportunity of 318 points to trade and possibility of profit around 12k from last week trade.

I will update this article and replace the paid service to actual numbers on 11th April 2017 for entry level, 6 targets with stoploss.

Nifty weekly trend and Bank Nifty Weekly trend analysis for 13 to 17 February 2017, the levels provided for paid subscribers
Nifty Next Week Tips
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Nifty yearly volatility was at 13.43 levels on 10 February 2017 followed with India Vix at 13.17 which had dropped by -0.43%.

USD INR closed at 66.99 levels which were strengthening against USD with -0.03%.

So based on my calculation I had anticipated 163 points movement in the Nifty Future higher possibility of a flat market.

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But only when Nifty touches 8847 which would give confirmation to bullish trend with targets of  8874.60, 8890.90, 8910.25 and final till 9011.50

Also if Nifty touches 8770 then it would confirm me bearish trend with targets of 8746.40,  8727.10, 8707.25 with final targets till 8606.50.

So how Nifty performed this week (13 - 17 Feb 2017)?

Nifty Next Week Tips
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As we can in above image on 13 Feb Nifty made weekly high of 8846 which was just nearing to confirm the bullish trend


Nifty made low of 8765 by confirming the bearish trend and closed at 8815 giving the false signal for both bullish and bearish levels.

During the later part of the week, Nifty made low till 8727 on 15 February it made low of 8727 by touching the second target on the bearish level.

So overall profit for this week on Nifty was Rs.3300/- which is calculated (8770 - 8726 = 44 x 75 lot size = Rs.3300.00)

On 17 Feb it made high of 8872 so the possible profit on trading bullish entry would be Rs.1875.00
( Entry at 8747 - 8872 =  25 points x 75 lot size = Rs.1875.00)

So totaling the profit on two-sided trades were around Rs.5175.00.

FII had maintained the net value of -215.69 crores and DII maintained the net value of +846.11 crores on 16 February 2017.

Bank Nifty Weekly Trend Analysis 13 To 17 2017

Bank Nifty Tips For Tomorrow
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Annualized volatility for Bank Nifty was at 19.41 levels on 10 February 2017 so as per my calculation I had anticipated the total movement of 460 points.

Bullish trend confirmation at 20393 with targets of 20461, 20515, 20569 and final targets till 20854.

Bearish trend confirmation at 20176 with targets of 20108, 20054, 20000 and final targets till 19715.

Bank Nifty Next Week
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As we can see in the above image Bank Nifty made high on 15 Feb 2017 at 20398 this confirmed the bullish trend but also made low at 20153 giving a signal of bearish trend and finally closed at 20204.

Today that is 17 Feb 2017 Bank Nifty made high of 20873 so this crossed the levels of 20854 which I had provided on my paid service.

So the total profit was around Rs.18440 ( 20873 - 20393 = 461 x 40 lot size = Rs.18440.00)

Even though Nifty was flat for this week Bank Nifty made the movement of around 480 points giving good profit for weekly traders.

So are you interested in trying the paid service you can know more here.

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