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May 8, 2017

Berkshire Hathaway Home Insurance – Important Things You Need To Know

In this article, you will get all updates on Berkshire Hathway Home Insurance. Followed by the technical chart of Berkshire Hathway Inc (NYSE: BRK.A) scroll down for a FREE technical chart.

I will try to answer the questions related to Berkshire Hathway home insurance

Let’s start…

Why Do We Need Home Insurance

berkshire hathaway home insurance
Below is a video by Carbutti Real estate that explains why do we need home insurance…

So some of the things that homeowner's insurance would cover you for is fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, vehicle, in case a vehicle comes and crashes.

When we see in the news somebody comes through the house - pipes breaking, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief.

And then there's the liability component to it and that's in the event that anybody slips and falls, maybe somebody gets hurt in your pool, you have a dog that bites somebody.

So some things that your homeowner’s insurance might not be covered, relying upon the endorsements that you simply would possibly take below your policy, are:

Flood is the big one, earthquake, that's typical if you live out on the West Coast

Vermin is a big one where maybe squirrels get into the attic, do some damage, insects, so you have termite damage, wear and tear.

Mechanical breakdown


So these are some of the things that may not be covered that you want to speak to an insurance agent about.

Possibly you can add those on under a separate endorsement.

One of the biggest things that go overlooked is your jewelry or your fine arts and a lot of people after the loss occurs.

Possibly it was that pipe break and it's coming down the walls and you had some Renoirs on the wall and when people say I have the coverage, right, it's covered under my contents coverage or my personal property insurance? And that's cannot always be the case.

So ensure you are doing your insurance analysis once you’re choosing the right insurance carrier, an agent.

There are many, many coverages that you need and some agencies don't provide and some insurance companies don't provide.

And just because you have insurance, doesn't mean you're properly insured.

How much home insurance do I need is the most common question I get every week so it is the case by case scenario there's no such thing as having equal homeowners insurance policy.

That you estimate how much homeowners insurance to get by doing a replacement cost analysis it's based on how much it would cost to rebuild your home it's based on the personal property.

That you have inside of the house all your stuff it's based on how much liability you need based off of your financial situation.

It's also based off of features that you may have inside of your home is your basement finished


Unfinished is your house brick or cited is there something like stained glass is there all hardwood floors many people purchase.

A home and then end up doing a complete remodel but forget to let their insurance companies know that.

If you have a loss you're looking at your house one day and it's there and the next day it's not what'sit going to take to rebuild that.

Homeowners Insurance

berkshire Hathaway home owners insurance

Berkshire Hathway Inc - Technical Chart

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