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Aug 13, 2017

Nifty Future Trading Tips For 14 To 18 August 2017 (Video)

Below is the video on my last Nifty Future Trading Tips which gave a profit of Rs.32,000 on single lot trade in Bank Nifty.

And with trading on the levels Nifty that was provided for last week that is 7 - 11 August 2017 there was a profit of around Rs.20,000.

Easy to understand you can watch below video

So hope you have watched above video on my last week's Nifty Future Trading Tips, this will not happen every day or every week.


If you have the patience to track the market and wait for the opportunity then I am sure that Stock Market, will give you an opportunity to make profitable trades.

So I can help you identify with entry, stop loss and targets to take trades for next week, you can make payment here and confirm me with an email to receive the Nifty Future Trading Tips for 14 to 18 August 2017.

I have come up with videos on Nifty Future Trading Tips on my youtube channel and sharing the same below so that you can identify the levels to take your weekly trades in Nifty

Let us have a quick glance on some of the important points that will help you know what FII's and DII's are thinking about next based on their net holding in our Indian Stock Market.

Nifty Future Trading Tips For Tomorrow
Image Source: NSEINDIA.COM
From the above image, we can see that Foreign Institutional Investors are totally bearish and maintained a negative net value of Rs.1943 crores in our stock market.

But Domestic Institutional Investors seems to utilize this situation in investing and holding a positive net value of Rs.2016 crores.

If you know the trend of Nifty then you can implement right strategies that can give you profitable trades.

So in order to know the trend of the Nifty, you need to learn to read the technical charts, which will help you know what charts are predicting and what should be action.

Here is the update on Nifty Future prediction done for last week!

From below image, we can see that Nifty Future made high at 9940 so based on the levels provided in last week.

Nifty tips with 99 accuracy
image source:
Entry-level was provided at 9773 and it was a total of 167 points on the bullish side.

So when we calculate 167 points into lot size of 75 we get profit of Rs.12525.00

Even though if you missed your trade exit at 9940 you could have made 10k from one lot trade in Nifty Future

So do you wish to know the weekly level for next week in Nifty & Bank Nifty then you can get details here

Now let us see how Bank Nifty Future performed for last week

image source:
From the above image, we can see that Bank Nifty made high of 24520 and I had provided bullish entry level at 24174

So when we subtract entry level with the last week high in Bank Nifty we get 346 points
(24174 - 24520 = 346 points x 40 lot size = Rs.13,840.00 approximate profit)

To know the profit traded with options you can watch the short video below: 

(I will update latest articles on trading tips for next week)

Do you have different strategies to help the people looking for Nifty Future Trading Tips then you can leave a comment on this article?

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