Dec 14, 2017

Gujarat Election 2017 Exit Poll Result - Video With Latest Updates Here!

In this article, you can get Gujarat election 2017 exit poll result with live updates and its impact on the stock market. So you wish to take profitable trades on this special event then read the complete article and return back for latest updates.

Gujarat Election 2017 Live Streaming

Gujarat Election 2017 Exit Poll Result

18th December 2017 Gujarat And Himachal Pradesh Poll Update:

11:50 a.m Himachal Pradesh Election Update

Dec 18, 11:36 a.m Gujarat Election Update

Gujarat Election 2017 Exit Poll Result On Stock Market

Nifty 50 opened flat to bearish today but closed positive and if Gujarat Election result turns negative there is a possibility of Nifty testing 9700 levels.

Nifty Future (December 2017 contract) gained 70 points and closed at 10285.

Assembly Election 2017

From the below screenshot we can observe that change in open interest in Nifty is negative which does not confirm the strength of the present trend.

Best Option Strategy To Trade For Gujarat Election Result 2017

I would suggest trying long strangle option strategy:

CE 10350 (Nifty Call 10350)
PE 10250 (Nifty Put 10250)

Closing premium price of CE 10350 was at Rs.105.15 x 75 Lot Size = Rs.7875
Closing premium price of PE 10250 was at Rs.124.70 x 75 Lot Size = Rs.9352

Approximate total cost would be around Rs.17227 (plus tax and brokerage)

So you can make a profit only when Nifty crosses 10350 or 10250 but it should follow in the same direction for at least 100 plus points so that you can make a profit from this strategy.

Aug 27, 2017

Bank Nifty Advisor (2018) With Entry Level, Stop Loss And 6 Targets On Weekly Basis

Looking for Bank Nifty advisor then I WELCOME you to read this full article with video on how the technique works so that you will good idea about this simple technique. I have explained how you can make a profit from weekly moves.

Bank Nifty Advisor

So if you learn to trade from the Fibonacci levels then you can set your entry with targets.

What if you knew how to identify the bullish and bearish levels for next week?

Yes, the whole idea of coming up with this post on Bank Nifty Advisor is to help you with weekly levels.

Through which you can take successful trades and avoid taking trades in flat markets.

I have added my recent video where I have shared Bank Nifty weekly levels so you can watch it what was the levels provided.

After watching full video you can also know how Bank Nifty performed with profit calculation below.

Click Below to watch the video to know the levels provided

I had shared six targets in above video so I am sharing the screenshot of Bank Nifty September 2017

Get Bank Nifty Weekly Levels For 8 - 12 Jan 2018:Click Here

Image source & credit:

As you can see from above image Bank Nifty made high of 24962 and based on my calculation I had provided bullish entry confirmation at 24455.00

And the sixth target at 24819.00 so below is the calculation for above gains in weekly trade.

24819 - 24455 =  364 points x 40 lot size = Rs.14560 profit traded during 11 to 15 September 2017.

The above calculation is for one lot in Bank Nifty future.

So hopefully by now, you would have got an idea of trading with weekly levels.

Bank Nifty and Nifty may not make this kind of movements every week but on an average Bank Nifty would make 200 points so ideally following the levels there could be decent profit.

Bank Nifty positional calls how & why?

By taking the position you tend to get more points and more profit unlike with intraday where you need to book your profit or loss on daily basis.

So before you take position in your trades it is important to know the trend of stock market


Your view will be bearish but the trend is bullish and you would lose your capital with this simple analysis.

So to help you know the bullish or bearish trend I can help you with buy and sell entry with six targets so that you can identify the entry-level and change your stop loss to trailing and exit with a profit.

Target 1

Target 2

Target 3,4,5 & 6 (with stop loss and trailing stop loss)

Bank Nifty Advisor

Intraday trading in Bank Nifty

Do you wish to trade in intraday?

Then you should be dynamic in your actions even though if you are ready to stick in front of your computer from 9:15 a.m to 3:30 p.m


If you are an emotional trader then it will be difficult for you to exit your trades and this is where most of the day traders tend to lose money.

Also, weekly movements are high when compared to daily movements so this gives you enough time to analyze the market and make your entry and exit.

So when you trade in the longer or say monthly time frame then there is the possibility of getting more points or more profit.

But this needs to be secured with a stop loss that needs to be changed every day since the profit or loss will be settled daily for Bank Nifty futures.

So if this seems longer then I would suggest you analyze the levels that are provided on the weekly basis.

On August 2017 Bank Nifty made a movement of 250 plus points so if we calculate this:

 40 lot size x 250 points gained = Rs.10,000  profit

This calculation holds good for trading in Bank Nifty Futures and if you wish to take trades in options then you could earn somewhere Rs.7,000 to Rs.8,000

I would analyze India VIX before taking trades so with below image you can see that India VIX has raised from  11.58 levels on 1st of August to 15.54 levels on 11th of August.

India VIX 2017

So this can vary based on news like exit polls result, surgical strike or war like situations.

So how is weekly suggestion provided for Bank Nifty?

Levels will be sent to your email once payment is done and confirmed, you will receive an image file as detailed below:

Bank Nifty Tomorrow Trend

From above image, you can see that there are six targets provided for buy entry and sell entry

So if Bank Nifty crosses the buy entry level then you could consider it bullish and take a long position with a stop loss at sell entry level.

You have to change your trading stop loss to trailing when Bank Nifty crosses 1,2,3 targets because you will lock your profit and if market tries to bounce from any of the above-said targets.

Your position will be exited with a profit.

Accordingly, if Bank Nifty crosses sell entry level then you have to take a short position in Bank Nifty Future and keep a stop loss at buying entry level.

Then you have to change your stop loss to trailing when Bank Nifty crosses 1,2,3 and further targets so that if it tries to bounce back your position is exited with a profit.

What if Bank Nifty does not touch buy entry level or sell entry level?

If Bank Nifty does not cross the sell or buy level then it is trading flat and you have to wait for the opportunity.

This makes it easy for you take weekly trades based on above explanation.

Does your technique help if I am looking for bank nifty option tips provider?

Yes, you will receive the strike price that you need to trade for next week based on above example.

Where you will be provided with right strike price to trade on weekly trade.

How Bank Nifty weekly levels perform?

Below is my recent video where I have provided weekly levels and its performance can also be checked on my blog with “Next week trend” menu.

Have you read 100 best tips to trade in Bank Nifty or Nifty?

If your answer is yes then by this time you should be a master in implementing the right technique that really works and gives you maximum profit.

But based on my experience there is no such single technique that works always so you should know what is the right time to choose right strategy.

Aug 23, 2017

Bs3 vs Bs4 Engine Bikes: 3 Important Things You Should Know About It [Video]

In this article, you will know about what is Bharath Stage 3 or BS3 followed with a comparison between Bs3 vs Bs4. To make it simple I have put it into simple 
3 Questions & Answers and video(Below).

Followed with latest updates on BS3, BS4 (scroll down to read updates)!

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bharat stage 4 vehicles

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Force Motors Launches Gurkha At Rs.8.13 Lakhs (Approximate)

Video by Motown...

What is BS3 Or Bharat Stage 3?

Want to know BS3 full form?

It is Bharat Stage 3!

To the auto industry, it is set to make the complete transition on BSIV (which is also known as Bharat Stage 4) vehicle starting from 1st April 2017.

So people are trying to figure out what is BS4?

BH stands for Bharat Stage and BS4 are emission standards which have been set up by Central Government o India to regulate the amount of air pollution caused by motor vehicles.

So there are three gasses that are released
1.Carbon Monoxide
2.Nitrogen Oxide

Also Read: Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 Live Update With Live Streaming Video

So these three gasses need to be regulated which is increasing health issues and major cities have increased with pollution levels.

Regulatory norms are set by BS4 levels which are set by Central Government.

So the implementation norms were initiated in 2010 that is almost 6 six years from now and we are still waiting to implement a country-wide implementation of these norms.

The reason for the delay in implementing the norms was non-availability of Bharat Stage 4 fuel because BS4 norms to become effective fuel also need to be refined further.

Unfortunately, this is not a case in India until now.

Transport Minster Sri Nitin Gadkariji has earlier tweeted in January that India will be jumping rather making frog leap from BS4 to BS6 standards by 2020.

So this jump from BS4 to BS6 will have the cost of around Rs.50,000 crore to Rs.80,000 crore to upgrade their refinery procedures in order to refine their fuels to BS4 standards.

So until fuel is refined further BS6 will not enter into play.

When we talk about increasing pollution in our country the automobile sector is usually taking the blame on it.

But as you would have possibly guessed by now more than the automobile sector it the fuel which is contributing towards increasing pollution and due to which BS4 levels has not been complied with.

So hope fuel standards are at par in coming days to match BS4 and BS6 standards.

Image Source & Credits -
Before going to main article below is the video what The President of The Dealer Federation has to say about BSIII Ban

Starting With 3 Important Questions &Answers About Bharath Switch 3 Or BS3

1.What is BS3?
BS is basically the emission standards given by Government of India to regulate the air pollutants coming from the internal combustion engine.

BS stands for Bharat Stage and is set by the central pollution control board. 

BS standard is generally applicable to all the vehicles that are running in the country.

Other standards like Euro that is in Europe and Tier 1, Tier 2, used in the USA.

More the number assigned, less air polluting the engine or fewer pollutants, the engine is releasing.

In India, the BS 4 Engines are applied for the NCR and some other cities while BS 3 Engines are applied nationwide.

From April 1st BS4 Engines should be applied to all vehicles and BS3 engines should completely stop.

2.Will new BS norms can get you a new 600cc bike for less than Rs.1.00 lakh?

With Supreme Court ruling has kicked in as a disaster for two wheeler sales affecting auto industry which is still recovering from demonetization.

So this is a big blow for the auto industry since their unsold inventory is piled up and now with BS3 norms thing has just worsened.

Most potential buyers are making the best out of this situation on Supreme Court ruling to disallow the sales of BS3 vehicles.

Most bike makers and showrooms of companies of well-known brands like Honda are offering heavy discounts on BS3 models.

The party is still not over even though sell by date of 31st March 2017 has been breached.

There is still a possibility on 600CC bikes which are typically available in very fewer numbers and sales in a slow pace.

Bike makers have managed to use one more day to sell their motorcycles and fewer prices.

Some of the 650CC bikes are selling little higher than two lakh rupees and 600CC bikes are going with one lakh plus price tags.

3.BS III Vs BS IV Vehicles: Mechanical Differences?

Carbon monoxide 2.30 g /km
Carbon monoxide 1.00 g/km
HC 0.20 g/km
HC 0.10 g/km
NOX 0.15 g/km
Nox 0.08 g/km

Changes from BS3 to BS4 for motorcycles are more than just tailpipe emissions.

Regulations also restrict evaporation emissions from fuel tanks, which mean a new breather value and additional or changed stamps in the body structure.


Additional brackets that hold these new systems. This is very difficult to retrofit considering the fact that major design changes might be needed.

Coming to tailpipe emissions, BS4 motorcycles in most cases require larger catalytic converters in terms of flow volumes to eliminate harmful nitrogen-based gasses.


Although that could be adapted to the exhaust system, most bikes also need a secondary airflow system that adds oxygen (or natural air) to the exhaust stream just before the catalytic converters.

This, of course, is a more complex system for which retro fitment is more difficult.

Many manufacturers have also resorted to a more complex ECU and ignition control setup that has more than the standard idle map and full throttle map.

For a better control of the ignition timing which in turn makes for a cleaner burn and thus, less pollution. The byproduct of this is also a more linear acceleration curve and better fuel economy.

BS4 has turbocharger with intercooler.

Also, it has common rail injection system controlled by the electronic control unit. Whereas BS3 has rotary type injection system and intercooler is optional.

In the year 2000 CMVR(Central Motor Vehicle Regulation Act) came into existence.

So that Any car which is manufactured in India will follow the Pollution Norms that is known as BS-1, BS-2, BS-3 & BS-4, etc.

Difference between BS2 And BS3

BS2 is Bharat Stage 2 so the technical difference between these two are that BS2 there is no catalytic converter to reduce formation of Co and HC


Whereas in the BS3 catalytic converter is available to reduce the formation of HC and Co so that reduces emission.

Tata Motors To Use Two Technologies For BS IV Norms

As per latest update on FirstPost, Tata Motors has informed that they are ready with BS IV compliant engines and ready with technologies Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

Tata Motos have adopted Exhaust Gas Recirculation in 2010 that will continue to power small-to-medium category of commercial vehicles


Engine power requirements of 180HP

What is Selective Catalytic Reduction

selective catalytic reduction how it works
Image Source & Credits:
SCR is an advanced active emissions control technology system that injects a liquid-reductant agent through a special catalyst into the exhaust stream of diesel engine

The reductant source is usually automotive-grade urea, otherwise known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF.

How Does SCR technology Work

When this urea and water solution is injected into the hot exhaust stream and comes in contact with SCR Catalyst, the ammonia created from urea with NOx to form nitrogen and water vapor which is two clean and also harmless components of the air we breathe.

Tata Motors adopted SCR in 2014 for their Medium and Heavy Duty commercial vehicles which range from 130HP to 400HP.

Tamil Nadu RTO Halt Registrations

As per latest update from ETAuto Tamil Nadu, Regional Transport Office has stopped registering BS-IV (Bharat Stage Four) vehicles.

Due to lack of unclear instructions that should separate BS-III to BS-IV they have kept further registrations on hold.

Which is manufactured by Yamaha, Hero Motorcorp, and Tata Motors.

What needs to be done to upgrade from BS4

Image Source & Credits: Indian Express

With BS-III Vehicle Ban Truck Makers Could Lose Rs.2500 Crore

Difference Between Bharat Stage 3 And Bharat Stage 4

India’s leading rating agency CRISIL has estimated that BS-III would cost Rs.2,500 crores to truck makers.


Commercial Vehicle makers have already sold their stock much before the Supreme Court ruling on BS-III ban in India.

And discounts and incentives on vehicles that were sold till 31st March 2017 would have cost them around Rs.1200 crores, the agency confirmed.

Crisil has estimated that total impact of BS-III ban would have cost about 2.5% of annual revenues of truck makers like Ashok Leyland and Tata Motors.

How To Change BS3 Bike As BS4

Is that every BS3 bikes can be changed to BS4?

After going through above points you should have understood that it is not only the engine mechanism


Also, the further improvement of fuel that is required.

So if you want to change your bike from BS3 to BS4 this would cost you huge amount rather I would suggest you go for new bikes.

Yamaha has already announced that its bikes are BS4 compliant you can check it here (

Below is a list of the models and prices:
  1. Yamaha FZ - INR 75,205 onwards
  2. Yamaha MT 03 - INR 3.00 lakh onwards
  3. Yamaha FZ25 - INR 1.25 lakh onwards 
  4. Yamaha Fascino - INR 53,433 onwards
  5. Yamaha Ray ZR - INR 52,773 onwards

2017 Yamaha FZS Fi V2.0 Test Ride Review

Below is a video by Dinos Vault

Latest Updates On Bharat Stage 3, Bharat Stage 4

  • Honda Motor Cycle & Scooter India has launched Bharat Stage IV (BS4), the compliant model Honda Livo 110CC bike at INR 54,331
    (When I did a comparison this model with TVS Phoenix 125 I found that Honda Livo is on the less version because TVS Phoneix has 124cc.
    For other details, you can use search query of "honda livo vs tvs phoneix")
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 and Apache RTR 180, now comes with BS-IV engine AHO.
  • KTM Duke 390 BS3 is presently sold at INR 1.6lak onwards (on road price)

Kawasaki Z250 and Z1000 India launch on April 22 With BS4 Compliant Engines

As per the latest update, Kawasaki Motors is preparing to launch the new Kawasaki Z250 andKawasakii Z1000 for Indian version on 22 April 2017.

These bikes are likely to sport cosmetic updates with BS-IV compliant engines in addition to that these bikes will be equipped with ABS to consider to become future proof on safety norms.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 vs Bugatti Veyron 16.4 "Dutchbugs"

video source & credits:GTBOARD.COM

Kawasaki Z250 Specifications

Engine Type - 4-stroke Parallel Twin
Type - Liquid Cooled
Displacement - 249 cm3
Valve System - DOHC, 8 Valves
Power - 23.5 (32PS)/11,000 rpm
Torque - 21 N.m (2.1kgf.m)/10,000 rpm

Kawasaki Z1000 Specifications

Engine Type - 4-stroke in-Line Four
Type - Liquid Cooled
Displacement - 1,043 cm3
Valve System - DOHC, 16 Valves
Power - 88.2kw (120PS)/9,000 rpm
Torque - 102.0 N.m (10.4 kgf.m)/7,500 rpm

Share Market Advice - Nifty, Bank Nifty And Stock Future Performance

In this article on share market advice India you can know how Nifty, Bank Nifty, Ambuja Cements Stock Future performed on weekly basis, based on the calls provided.

Nifty Future Weekly Trend Results (6-10 March 2017)

best share to buy for short term
From above image, you can see the levels provided on Nifty buy level entry at 8988.50 and sell entry at 8924.70.

REACH ME HERE for best share to buy for short term, nifty, bank nifty weekly trends.

So how did Nifty perform?

Referring below image we can observe that Nifty opened at 8935 on Monday ( 06 March 2017) made high of 8985 with low 8928, closed at 8979.

So there was no confirmation of buy or sell but on 8 March 2017 (highlighted in red color) Nifty Future made low at 8907 so this gave sell entry or bearish confirmation.

Almost went near the initial target of 8905 but closed at 8952.

Yesterday that is 10 March 2017 Nifty entered the bullish zone and made high at 9002.90, which is just 6 points to the first target.

Closed at 8958, overall the Nifty was flat and traded between 8907 to 9002 hence the probability of profit was very low.

last weekly nifty
Source & Credits: nseindiacom

Bank Nifty Future Weekly Trend Results(6-10 March 2017)

bank nifty weekly trend
From above image, you can observe on my calculation for Bank Nifty weekly levels at 20698 for bullish confirmation.

And 20511 for bearish entry confirmation.

How did Bank Nifty perform for 06 - 10 March 2017?

Source & Credits: nseindiacom
You can see from above image that Bank Nifty confirmed bullish trend on 6 March 2017 and made high at 20803, this was the second target which was successfully achieved on the first day of the week.

Entry Level 20698 - 20803 = 105 points x 40 lot size = Profit Rs.4200.00

Bank Nifty made weekly low at 20588 but still did not confirm the bearish entry at 20511.

On 10 March 2017 Bank Nifty made weekly high at 20933 so this was to the fifth target from the buy entry side. 

Also the second opportunity after Monday's trade.

Ambuja Cements Stock Future (6 - 10 March 2017)

shares to buy today in indian market
Based on my calculation I had anticipated bullish entry at 226.90 and bearish trend confirmation at 223.10

So how did this stock future performed?

ambuja cements stock future march 2017
Source & Credits: nseindiacom
Ambuja Cement opened at 225.85 on 6 March 2017, made high at 227.50 low at 224.55 finally closed at 225.10.

On weekly basis, this stock triggered stop loss on 8 March 2017, but re-confirmed bullish trend and reached 229.65, which is near to the third target as per the weekly levels.

Overall the market was flat but provided an opportunity to book small profits.

Do you trade Nifty / Bank Nifty / Commodity, leave your comments below.

May 10, 2017

Dr Reddy's Lab Stock Trading At 52 Week Low,Can You Invest?

In this article, you can know whether it is the right time to invest on Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (stock trading) at its 52 weeks low at Rs.2555.

I will be sharing my version of the fundamental analysis of this pharma stock, which should help you know how the company is doing in their profits, shareholding, shares pledged.

Followed by updates and FREE technical chart (SCROLL DOWN)

Dr Reddy's Laboratories Stock Trading At 52 Weeks Low

About Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Limited

I will start with analyzing its 52 weeks high and 52 weeks low by referring below image which is a screen shot from

Dr Reddy's Laboratories Stock Price
Image Source & Credits: NSEINDIA.COM
 As per market specialists, most pharmaceutical company stocks witness movement in their stock prices, if any news comes in from the U.S.A. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

One among the drug maker, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has said to the bourses regarding the U.S.A. FDA’s examination.

The USFDA has issued eleven observations once the examination of company’s works in Hyderabad.

Most of the observations by U.S.A. agency is procedural in nature, that signals the requirement to boost individuals capabilities and strengthen documentation and laboratory systems.

Should we consider this for investment, below is my observation on this stock that will help you understand better about this stock.

Below I have shared details of its fundamentals and my recommendations as a retail investor whether it is the right time to buy this stock.

52 Week High And Low

Referring above image 52 Week high is at Rs.3689.85 on 20th July 2016 and 52 weeks low at Rs.2555.20 on 22nd March 2017.


Dr Reddy's Laboratories 2017 Results

Share Holding

Promoters Share Holding

In the above image, we can see that company’s shareholding is at 26.79% so ideally, I would prefer company that holds more than 40%

Promoters have pledged the company shares3.08% (135.77) so I would not buy a share that is already pledged by promoters.

Book Value

The book value of Dr.Reddy’s Laboratory is at 705.83 so when we compare present market at Rs. 2581 price this is 3.66 times more than its book value so I would not recommend at this price.


Dr.Reddy’s Laboratory is regular with its dividend payout and last paid of Rs.20.00 on 18th June 

Total Liabilities

Total liabilities has increased by 1373 crores in comparison with March 2015

Dr. Reddy Laboratories Technical Chart

Since this stock trading at Rs.2560 levels and looks attractive at this price for most of the investors who are new to stock market.

But after going through the details as explained above shows that the price is still costlier based on how this company is performing presently.

Followed by the news on USFDA and other updates from overseas markets.

So I would suggest you should either wait or identify another stock that will help you maximize your profit in short term.

Also, Nifty is trading at its all time I would prefer to wait for next set of action by this company so that you will get to understand whether stocks can raise from this levels.

Apr 10, 2017

Trading Holiday NSE 2017 - 7 Holidays That Falls On Saturday And Sunday

Below you can find trading holiday NSE 2017 list followed with holidays which falls on Saturday and Sunday.
Nifty Next Week Trend

Indian Stock Market Holidays 2017
Image Source & Credits: NSEINDIA.COM

7 Holidays That Falling On Saturday And Sunday

Trading Holiday List For 2017
Image Source & Credits: NSEINDIA.COM

Jan 6, 2017

Free Nifty Technical Analysis Chart

I have embedded FREE Nifty technical analysis chart for your ready reference.

Below chart will help for technical analysis of Nifty.

Nifty Technical Chart