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Aug 23, 2017

Share Market Advice - Nifty, Bank Nifty And Stock Future Performance

In this article on share market advice India you can know how Nifty, Bank Nifty, Ambuja Cements Stock Future performed on weekly basis, based on the calls provided.

Nifty Future Weekly Trend Results (6-10 March 2017)

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From above image, you can see the levels provided on Nifty buy level entry at 8988.50 and sell entry at 8924.70.

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So how did Nifty perform?

Referring below image we can observe that Nifty opened at 8935 on Monday ( 06 March 2017) made high of 8985 with low 8928, closed at 8979.

So there was no confirmation of buy or sell but on 8 March 2017 (highlighted in red color) Nifty Future made low at 8907 so this gave sell entry or bearish confirmation.

Almost went near the initial target of 8905 but closed at 8952.

Yesterday that is 10 March 2017 Nifty entered the bullish zone and made high at 9002.90, which is just 6 points to the first target.

Closed at 8958, overall the Nifty was flat and traded between 8907 to 9002 hence the probability of profit was very low.

last weekly nifty
Source & Credits: nseindiacom

Bank Nifty Future Weekly Trend Results(6-10 March 2017)

bank nifty weekly trend
From above image, you can observe on my calculation for Bank Nifty weekly levels at 20698 for bullish confirmation.

And 20511 for bearish entry confirmation.

How did Bank Nifty perform for 06 - 10 March 2017?

Source & Credits: nseindiacom
You can see from above image that Bank Nifty confirmed bullish trend on 6 March 2017 and made high at 20803, this was the second target which was successfully achieved on the first day of the week.

Entry Level 20698 - 20803 = 105 points x 40 lot size = Profit Rs.4200.00

Bank Nifty made weekly low at 20588 but still did not confirm the bearish entry at 20511.

On 10 March 2017 Bank Nifty made weekly high at 20933 so this was to the fifth target from the buy entry side. 

Also the second opportunity after Monday's trade.

Ambuja Cements Stock Future (6 - 10 March 2017)

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Based on my calculation I had anticipated bullish entry at 226.90 and bearish trend confirmation at 223.10

So how did this stock future performed?

ambuja cements stock future march 2017
Source & Credits: nseindiacom
Ambuja Cement opened at 225.85 on 6 March 2017, made high at 227.50 low at 224.55 finally closed at 225.10.

On weekly basis, this stock triggered stop loss on 8 March 2017, but re-confirmed bullish trend and reached 229.65, which is near to the third target as per the weekly levels.

Overall the market was flat but provided an opportunity to book small profits.

Do you trade Nifty / Bank Nifty / Commodity, leave your comments below.

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