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Jun 24, 2018

Best Trading Books For Beginners | Best Book To Learn About Investing (2018)

In this post, I will be sharing best trading books for beginners, best book to learn about investing.

Followed with courses, videos and more to help you become successful investor and trader.
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When you want to become a successful investor or trader you need a proper education that can be through books, training, and courses.

So I will be sharing a list of best products to help become successful trader and investor

Gap Trading e-Book (Version 1.0)

Learn how to trade with the gap up and gap down stocks, that I have backtested and explained in my latest e-book.

Gap Trading Video

You can learn how I made a profit from intraday gap trading within one hour of market opening. Also, test yourself once you learn from this video: 

Gap Trading Strategy

Powerful Gap Trading Setup

You can learn from my powerful trading setup from this system, useful for day traders in Indian Stock Market:

powerful gap trading system

Best books to read about the Stock Market:

1. Avoid Loss And Earn Consistently, by Prasenjit Paul (Author)

2. The Intelligent Investor (English) Paperback – Benjamin Graham (Author)

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach their Kids About Money that the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! 

Our New Android Apps

Intraday Trading With Gap Stocks (Free) Android App

Intraday Trading With Gap Stocks (Free) Android App

About App: I created this android application to help all day traders to help them with gap stocks trading, which can be profitable when you install this app and practice the methods discussed in below video.

English To Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi Android App
English to Hindi translation android app

Install English To Hindi Translation App Here

I created this (FREE) app to help you translated from English to Hindi followed by 5 other Indian languages and listen to your words which are typed in this application, learn more from this below video 


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