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Jul 4, 2018

Best Short Term Trading Strategies 2018 (Backtested!)

Do you trade in the stock market? and looking for best short-term trading strategies, then I will share with you amazing technique which is backtested with last 6 months of data from Nifty 50 future. This can help you make additional monthly income

So, What you will learn from this article?

  • Best short term trading strategies explained in a simple way
  • Best short term trading strategies video on how to make a profit in Nifty options(which I recently uploaded to my YouTube channel)
  • Options trading strategies for monthly income monthly profit exposed.
Best Short Term Trading Strategies

Option trading normally confuses the first time traders with words like:

  • In the money 
  • Out of the money
  • At the money 
Even I used to find it difficult initially but later it was interesting and once I finished my NCFM, NISM course

I learned more about option strategies which were simple to implement and help me without predicting market movements like bull or bear and implement neutral strategies

So when you are neutral with the market you don't have to predict the market movements and just implement the strategy by buying put and call and exit with profit or loss.

But not all the time market gives profit with neutral strategies so we have to write (sell) call or puts when the market is range bound (Example: Nifty does cross its previous day/week/month high or low) 

So to write options it takes the same amount of buying Nifty future and this comes with more risk

When we write/sell options then it can be an unlimited risk of loss and limited profit which takes more margin than the regular cost to purchase the call or put.

I had learned to identify whether Nifty is trading in the bullish zone or bearish zone by using formula with Nifty future annualized volatility and Fibonacci retracement, so this works great for holding a position in Nifty future for week or month.

(Learn volatility calculation here)

So I wanted to explore this formula to test with Nifty future and implement with Nifty options so the result was amazing and once you completely watch below two videos you will believe that this is also  one of the best trading strategy

Option Trading Strategies For Monthly Profit (Part 1)

Option Trading Strategies For Monthly Profit (Part 2)

stock market live india

If you wish to download the excel file explained in this video, you can download it below

Short term trading strategies excel file

After watching complete ( above) video, if you agree that volatility formula works then you can know the bullish and bearish trend for Nifty Future July 2018 contract below

Best Short Term Trading Strategies Download file


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