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Jul 24, 2018

(New!) BSNL Receives Over 4,000 Bookings For New Internet Telephony Service

In this article, you will know on BSNL receives over 4,000 bookings for new internet telephony service and video

Only after two weeks of launch, service and receipt through the Internet to WB 's private BSNL has over 4,000 reservations for the new display, which allows users to connect to any phone number in India through the mobile application, Begin this week. His boss said today.

The new BSNL service was provided by the Communications Minister Manoj Sinha on July 11 and will be operational from July 25th.

 BSNL Receives Over 4,000 Bookings For New Internet Telephony Service

ABS management "BSNL from the first set up of Internet services dialing (...) We hope to attract customer service, especially for the youth, who is able to make calls through the Internet through data connections, especially when sharing leave Chairman of the Board will be "NL and Director General Anupam Shrivastava:

He added that more than 4,000 customers have joined the new service.

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This service allows unlimited subscribers to pay an annual Rs fee. 1099 and use either Internet or Wi-Fi for each carrier, to any phone number.

Currently, voice calls can be made through mobile apps to users of the same application, such as in WhatsApp.

"Customers can call the number in India using a program even from outside the country. The program can be activated via the Internet anywhere in the world and can call up to 1099 unlimited call rate ranges in India." : "Shrivastava. Announced the service July 11th.

For a Wings user, requesting a mobile and landline connection to the company separately is not required.

The government recently amended the rules allowing complete call dialing on the Internet by telecom operators, which will allow the program to make calls from authorized service providers, as well as telephone numbers.

That new amendment only allows authorized holders to provide online dialing with all the rules and players not too much like WhatsApp and Google Duo, which only allows the software to respond to software demands.

In fact, it allows telecommunications companies to use some data networks, some for voice calls from a Wi-Fi network and can end this call on mobile or terrestrial networks.

This means that even in areas where cell phone coverage is not good, the Internet in any other way, including Wi-Fi and wings services, which connects to the Internet service for any operator that allows the customer to establish or receive calls. Available.

Your service provider must be charged with all the protest and monitoring requirements and mobile operators. All rules related to ordinary calls apply to them.

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