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Based on the response I received from my YouTube videos on Nifty Weekly trends.
I have started offering paid service on weekly trends for your chosen stock future with a nominal fee of Rs.349.00 for providing weekly levels. 

Below are some of the frequent questions that I have answered to help you know how my service works and meant for trader or investors (whether short term or long term)

So how this service works?
Once you confirm me your interest for this paid service to my email id ([email protected]).

I will reply your email requesting for your chosen stock and try to understand your risk appetite.

Upon receipt of same, I would be replying with weekly trends for your chosen stock or futures as early as possible which you can trade on next trading week which includes entry, stop loss and targets.

Where Can I make payment?
You can make payment by clicking on below button which will take you to instamojo/@hs59482

Does your service has daily follow-ups?
No, since provided levels are for weekly you can identify the trend and make your decision to enter or exit the trades.

I am new to Stock Market and does not have knowledge about trading in derivatives so is this service for me or provided levels help me take trades?
Strictly no because the derivative segment is dynamic and requires the trader or investor to be active while they hold their positions, rather than I suggest you to become an investor in cash market by identifying good fundamental stocks.

I can help you identify good stock for short term too...

I don't trade in Future or Options but I invest for short term or medium term?
Then I will help you identify the right entry level and inform you when uptrend starts for your chosen stock so that you avoid entering the stock which is already in its high or sell the stock which is just completing its downtrend and getting ready for an uptrend.

I am already holding few stocks and want to know the exit level how can your service help us?
Yes, I can help you so that you won't exit your trades by booking lesser profits or making big losses.

How can we contact you after taking the paid service?
I prefer email communication since I am also occupied in Digital Marketing work. 

Also, all that you have to do after receiving weekly trends for your chosen stock is that you have to enter at the levels provided with strict stop loss and book profits at targets so I think there will not be any confusion.

My intention of creating this service is to make it easy for all people who are into the stock market with the knowledge and skills that I have acquired all these years.

Also, click below button to make payment now...

Any other questions - Please email me at [email protected]

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